CTA Ridership at highest levels in decades

According to recent reports, CTA ridership is at its highest levels in 22 years. This is generally a good sign. It means that more people are turning to public transit for their daily commutes and weekend adventures, and leaving the car at home (despite the Mayor telling the general public that they can “choose” to drive if they don’t want to deal with the recent fare hikes).

The Green, Pink and Red Lines boast brand new, clean and smooth 5000 series cars, and much of the Brown line, and part of the Red line have brand new expanded stations. Meanwhile, those of us off the Blue line seem to be dealing with the same delays, construction, and congestion that we’ve been seeing for years, despite fare increases and the development boom on the northwest side.

This was the Logan Square L station this morning. Even after a bunch of folks loaded on to the train, there was still a sizable group that had to wait for the next train. Generally, you see this kind of congestion at the Damen or Grand stop, however when there are large groups of folks at Logan Square or Belmont, it’s a sign that it’s going to be a packed car contained with frustrated commuters who are late for work. Have you had troubles with the blue line on your morning or evening commute?