Old School Humboldt Park, Logan Square, Albany Park

Last night, PBS Frontline aired The Interrupters, the much lauded documentary about Ceasefire Chicago and their mission to stop youth gang violence in Chicago’s communities. The organization takes the approach that “street violence is a disease, and like a disease, it can be prevented.” If you missed The Interrupters, be sure to watch it free, anytime on Frontline’s website.

Gang violence has had a long history in Chicago, as we all know very well. Although gentrification has changed areas like Logan Square, Humboldt Park and Albany Park, in the 80’s these areas were the center of gangs like the Latin Kings, among others. Here’s a documentary, in two parts, from the late 80’s/early 90’s that shows these neighborhoods at arguably the peak of gang violence on Chicago’s west and northwest side. 

There is certainly some strong language in these videos, so please be advised. 

Part 1:

Part 2: in this part, the subjects of the doc drive through Humboldt Park and parts of Logan Square/Avondale